Sommer Panage

iOS Engineer | Accessibility Specialist | Manager

About Me

Close up portrait of me in white and blue-dotted camp shirt, hair blown back slightly, smiling at the camera. Background is bright yellow.

Hi! I’m Sommer (she/her), a San Francisco Bay Area based software developer currently working as an Engineering Manager on SwiftUI at Apple. Previously at Apple, I managed on the iOS Accessibility team. In other lives, I have lead accessibility efforts at Slack and Twitter and had a whole lot of fun at a startup called Chorus Fitness. I also spent a few years freelancing as an Accessibility Specialist and working in the perfomring arts. Coming from a background in psychology, arts and athletics, I am particuarly excited about developing software in those areas that is accessible to everyone.

Other Interests

When not working my day job, I train and coach as a circus artist and aerial performer. To learn more, head over to Instagram or see my most recent circus film on Youtube. I also love dancing and weight lifting. During my down time, I enjoy reading and studying languages. I currently have varying degrees of proficiency in Spanish, French, and German, and I’m attempting to learn a little Polish.